Friday July 21


How We Implemented the Color Tabs Animation for Android (

We have a lot of different recommended design patterns for Android development ....check out how we do it.

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Develop an advanced parking management software for your lot (

Discover all you need to develop parking management software and boost your lot business.

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Wednesday July 19


How much does it cost to build an app like Spotify (

What is the reason behind its popularity and how to make a music app like Spotify? Let`s lift the veil.

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Tuesday July 18


5 Best JavaScript Frameworks in 2017 (

JavaScript has been playing a vital role in web application development for a long time, and 2016 was undoubtedly a revolutionary year

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Monday July 17


How to convert website to Android app - optimal ways to follow (

It is not a surprise that you might have had intention to find out how to convert website to Android app.

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Friday July 14


How to Update Apps on iPhone and Android-based Device (

Do you know how to update apps on iPhone or Android-based devices o that they responded your business needs?

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Thursday July 13


How to have custom repositories per application in a monorepo structure on Symfony (

We found a good solution to the issue of custom repositories per app that might save you a lot of time and effort.

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Monday July 10


How to reduce software development cost - full guide by Agilie ( (

In this blogpost, we will consider models that can help to reduce costs of software development.

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How to promote an app for free, the best 7 tips from Cleveroad (

Discover how to promote an app for free and the best mobile app promotion strategies in our article.

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Saturday July 8


Developing food delivery website by implementing a food ordering system (

There is a renewed interest from entrepreneurs across the globe for food ordering market.

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Friday July 7


The Elements of User Experience as a Way to Become Trustworthy (

Usability principles, as well as the elements of user experience are extremely important when it comes to customers' trust.

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Tuesday July 4


Enterprise mobile application development: reveal the process of creation (

When you are a businessman, you may be interested in business application development.

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Monday July 3


Course: Learn to use any Web API / (

Take your knowledge to the next level by understanding How to use Post, Get and Delete HTTP Request via Web API

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Sunday July 2

Thursday June 29


Uber Clone , Uber for X (

The Uber Clone script which we have designed is an excellent code which can be tweaked according to your preferences.

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Importance of Machine Learning Applications in Various (

What is machine learning used for? Read our research to learn it, as well as the advantages of machine learning in different areas.

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Wednesday June 28

Devstash API announcment
I am happy to announce that the Devstash API has finally been released! Go check it out and spread the word!
Devstash App!
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