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Nariko.io - Visual Feedback About Mobile Applications Design and UX (http://nariko.io/)

Nice tool to give and receive screenshot attached comments about the design and UX of the iOS application you are currently working on.

Laszlo Schelhammer | 0 comment(s) | posted 7 days ago

Tuesday October 18

Monday October 17


Get Your App Ready: App Store Submission Checklist (http://erminesoft.com/)

Comprehensive checklist to run before submitting to App Store.

Erminesoft | 0 comment(s) | posted 9 days ago


How to handle keybindings in Atom (https://silvestarbistrovic.from.hr/)

Many of Atom packages have different keybindings. But what happens when a keybinding is already used by some other package?

malimirkeccita | 0 comment(s) | posted 9 days ago


How to Estimate a Project: Cleveroad Experience (https://www.cleveroad.com/)

Are you thinking of hiring a remote team for implementing your project but not sure whether you can trust them? Wondering how to estimate...

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How Can a Landing Page Help You In a Mobile App Promotion (https://www.cleveroad.com/)

There are a lot ways of mobile app promotion. Recent trend in a mobile app advertising is a landing page. Letโ€™s find out what is a...

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Monday October 10

Devstash API announcment
I am happy to announce that the Devstash API has finally been released! Go check it out and spread the word!
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