Friday February 3


Angular dragtable (

Angular dragtable is an Angular directive that allows table column reorder.

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Thursday February 2

Tuesday January 31


Time-and-Materials vs Fixed Price: Which to Choose for Your Project? (

In recent times outsourcing has grown from a fairly straightforward concept to a complicated aggregation of various options and patterns.

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Getting started with Browserify (

Bring Node modules to the browser with Browserify

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Monday January 30

Wednesday January 25

Tuesday January 24


CRPageViewController - Open source library for iOS (

While a standard page view allows you to navigate between pages by using simple gestures, our component goes further.

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Monday January 23


Where are JavaScript frameworks going in 2017? (

Even if you are familiar with JavaScript, what was the best in 2016 may well be completely outdated and replaced by newer technology in 2017

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Saturday January 21


6 Android App Development Trends to Dominate 2017 (

As per a recent report published in 2017, the app market globally is expected to touch $ 77 billion or higher.

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Friday January 20


The Life After Release or What Steps to Take (

Already have an app? Learn why the post-launch stage is so important for further app development. Read about the tricks...

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Thursday January 19


5 Best JavaScript Frameworks in 2017 (

When it comes to quick web development, JavaScript frameworks are among the most favorable and 2017 won’t become an exception.

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Android Instant Apps vs Progressive Web Apps (

In Google I/O 2016 Instant Apps came as a breakthrough and in the previous year,

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Devstash API announcment
I am happy to announce that the Devstash API has finally been released! Go check it out and spread the word!
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