How to increase customer loyalty of your business through mobile apps (https://www.cleveroad.com/)

Creating customer loyalty program that is suitable for your business is not that simple.

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Beginning unit testing in Magento 1.x (https://magento.evozon.com/)

This article is aimed at easing the road to unit testing Magento modules for those just starting to write unit tests for Magento 1.x.

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Tips and Thoughts for Better Website Redesign (http://blog.debugme.eu/)

Knowledge, the will to research and learn, and best practice awareness, should give you the foundation for a successful website redesign.

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How much does it cost to make an app like Yelp? (https://www.cleveroad.com/)

Most of the travelers ponder creating something special to meet their demands so it definitely makes sense to develop an app like Yelp..

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I made a IP to Geo server using Kotlin 1.1 and coroutines (https://chiselapp.com/)

So far I am happy with the amount of code I had to write to get this to work.

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How to improve user engagement and acquisition in 2017 (https://www.cleveroad.com/)

Here are effective user acquisition strategies for startups to engage users and follow web and mobile development trends.

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Devstash API announcment
I am happy to announce that the Devstash API has finally been released! Go check it out and spread the word!
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