Edited 12/27/15: Fixed mission statement in order to clarify what content is acceptable. I apologize for any confusion.
Where am I?

Welcome to Devstash! Devstash helps developers (and anyone who is interested in Computer Science) find interesting content based on programming, software development, computer science, software engineering, and computer engineering.

Who made this site?

Hello my name is Guled. I am a self-taught web designer, web developer, and mobile developer. I have grown a passion for creating small and large scale applications that are useful, beautiful, and functional. The various categories of projects I've worked on include games, productivity apps, and interactive peer-to-peer web applications. My current endeavor includes creating apps for the betterment of students from middle school to students embarking a PhD degree. I am currently a student at State Cloud State University, and during my free time a developer with a willingness to acquire new skills.

What can I post?

Only things related to programming, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, and software development. You can post your side-projects, your apps, any interesting articles your found that you'd like to share as long as what your posting relates to the development of software.

Can I post projects that are still not complete?

Go right ahead. This is an opportunity for you to recieve feedback.

The Mission

The goal of this site is to give users a place to learn about new topics in Computer Science (as well as Software Engineering, and Computer Engineering) play games that other developers have made, try out new apps, share interesting discoveries in the field of Computer Science (as well as Software Engineering and Computer Engineering). To achieve this the feat, we need to set rules in which will allow the community to engage in in-depth discussions, learn new things, and have a sense of community.

Community Guidlines
Be Kind
  • Do not disrespect others.
  • Please be kind when posting comments. Try to avoid flamming, and bullying others. It's inappropriate.
  • If you provide feedback for someones project then please be both descriptive and thoughtful.
  • Just be chill yo. ヾ(●ε●)ノ
Inappropriate Activity
  • Do not create multiple accounts in order to add upvotes to your own post.
  • Do not create misleading titles for the content your posting on this site.
  • Do not create posts that target others in order to embarras them or any other harful action.
  • Do not make posts on job offers.
Unacceptable Content
  • Avoid spamming. ಠ_ಠ
  • Do not create posts that are not related to the topic of Computer Science.
  • Do not create comments that are demeaning and unrelated to the post.
Acceptable Content
  • Posts on the topics of Computer Science, Software Engineering, and Computer Engineering are allowed.
  • Posts on software development are allowed.
  • Interesting news, and blog posts are also allowed (The rules above apply to this.).
  • Posts on software development tutorials are allowed.
  • Self-promotion is acceptable. (Again, the rules above apply to this.)
Flagging content
  • If you see any post that are not following these guidelines, please flag the post in question. (You need a reputation of 10 to perform this action.)
  • Accounts that repeatedly spam comments or posts will be deleted.
  • Post that do not follow any of the guidlines mentioned above will be deleted.
  • Comments that do not follow the above guidlines or are disruptive in nature will be deleted.
  • Users that perform actions that either harm others or effect the site in any way in order to cause harm to other will be banned.

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